Poplar Glen

This apiary has over 400 hives in eight different bee yards.

Wainwright, Alberta Canada
Phone Number:
(780) 842-4327
In 2010, Keith and Aileen Brower began a honey business operation starting with 150 purchased two super beehives. Growing up on the farm, Keith had always helped his father keep a few hives for personal use, but this was a new venture, that of producing honey at a commercial level. Today, the apiary has 400 plus hives in eight different bee yards. The summers are busy readying the bees for the six to eight week honey flow in late June to August. Careful attention is given to maintaining very healthy bees to produce one of nature╩╝s most basic sweeteners. Poplar Glen honey is made from the nectar of wild prairie flowers, flowering trees, alfalfa and clovers, as well as canola.
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