Lloyd Wine Outfitters Ltd.

4833 - 49 Street Lloydminster, Saskatchewan Canada S9V 0L9
Phone Number:
(780) 825-5553

In today's busy lifestyle Wine Outfitters creates a relaxed and enjoyable wine making experience without the necessity of purchasing equipment and using valuable space in your home.

Lloyd Wine Outfitters is an on-premise wine making retail store that takes the sale of wine kits to the next level. We provide our facility and equipment to customers to produce their own wine in a clean and controlled environment. At our facility, you the customer, is involved in only two steps of the process. Step one is adding the yeast to the wine of your choice. Once that is done, Wine Outfitters staff will take your wine through and closely monitor the fermentation and flitration process to ensure that you wil get the best quality wine that delivers you the most enjoyment. Once filtered, our staff will contact you to book an appointment to come back to our facility for step two, which is bottling off your finished wine. It is now ready for you to take home and enjoy.
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