Heritage Harvest Gardens

Thorhild, Alberta Canada
From Thorhild (intersection of Hwy 18 and SH 827), go 6.5 miles west.
Heritage Harvest Gardens is a family-run Market Garden
in the County of Thorhild.
Our goal is to grow the highest quality heirloom variety produce for
you and your family to enjoy.

We grow approximately 50 types of vegetables and well over 300 varieties! Why? Because we grow vegetables we enjoy. Ones that are pleasing to the eye, full of flavour, add unique shapes and a fresh take on old recipes.

Not certified organic, but organically grown (with extra love!).
Growing clean produce and using organic-approved methods of pest control are important to us.

Our produce can be purchased through our CSA, at the farm, or enjoyed at Creole Envie or North 53 in Edmonton. 

Over 80% Heirloom varieties, including from Britain, Holland, Mexico, France, Austria and Germany. Many are rare varieties! We choose organically and/or sustainably grown seed from small seed farms, many of them family owned and operated. Some of the varieties we grow have been passed down for decades through our family (such as Siberian Tomato and Amazing Early Alberta Corn).
Hybrid varieties are few and far between in our garden to promote seed saving and preservation of heritage varieties. One of our goals is to be almost 100% seed sufficient by 2018. We believe this creates varieties better suited to our soil, climate and garden zone as well as gives us the opportunity to select only the best to grow year after year.
We hope to save enough seed yearly from our garden to supply our customers with the tastiest, Alberta hardy, heirloom vegetables year after year. A truly sustainable farm.

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