Eat East of Edmonton (EEE)

Our new tourism development initiative, the Eat East of Edmonton Culinary Trail Pilot Project, has been announced through a partnership between the Go East of Edmonton Regional Tourism Organization and the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance.

ACTA_logoThe Eat East of Edmonton Culinary Trail pilot project will bring together east central Alberta’s diverse culinary and agricultural tourism experiences to develop a collaborative experiential tourism product, and will be promoted to regional tourists as a great way to experience the bounty of the region. The completed Eat East of Edmonton Culinary Trail Pilot Project is being launched in late spring 2014.

Gord Snyder, Project Coordinator of GO East RTO states ‘this is a great partnership and opportunity for the product in our region to be collected and connected in a manner that will allow for culinary traits to be further developed throughout Alberta based on this pilot model.’

Our mission is to facilitate the development of innovative food industry partnerships, culinary experiences and promotional programs that serve as a channel for:

  • Increased tourism visitations to East Central Alberta
  • Increased consumption of rural East Central Alberta food products, and
  • Increased export sales of rural East Central Alberta food products.
Working with emerging or existing culinary and rural events; helping them to grow; enhance producers in our region and promote them before and after major culinary events; connect a number of events/tours in our region over the summer and fall.

We have partnership funding with ACTA (Alberta Culinary Tourism Association) to build a database of all east central Alberta culinary producers.

2018 events coming soon!